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                                                                               Ever-care Contract Sales is an agency dedicated to sourcing the best manufacturers’
                                                                               to supply the specific requirements of the healthcare and institutional markets.

                                                                               As the healthcare industry has evolved, our research has shown us that no single
                                                                               manufacturer can provide all of the needs of our clientele. Therefore, we have
                                                                               sourced products that are specifically designed for the healthcare industry using a va-
                                                                               riety of manufacturer’s. This allows us to offer the best product for the best price.
                                                                               We achieve this both through the quality and varied design selections available to
                                                                               meet our customer’s needs.

                                                                               With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare and institutional furniture manu-
                                                                               facturing industry, as well as an interior designer on staff; we can ensure the product
                                                                               we offer meets and exceeds the demands specifically required for the end user.
                                                                               Even though we deal with various manufacturers’, once your order is produced, we
                                                                               coordinate shipping and delivery to your facility and provide installation if required.
                                                                               Our dealer representatives are committed specifically to our product.. Please contact
                                                                               us to locate a dealer representative in your area or visit our website at www.ever-
                                                                               care contract

                                                                               Our promise is to provide you with quality, selection and value that will meet and ex-
                                                                               ceed your healthcare and institutional furnishing needs.

                                                                               Wayne M. Janzen

                                                                               President of Ever-care Contract Sales

                                                                                                Ph (306)955-7764      Fax (306)955-2698



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